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What is the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection?

Say good-bye to that daisy-chain of network cables that was previously necessary for portable multiplayer gaming. The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection wireless gaming network is simple to use and free - no hidden service fees, no extra equipment necessary. All you need is a wireless-enabled Nintendo DS Video System (rich graphics, touch screen technology, dual screens, built-in microphone) and a Wi-Fi-ready game such as Metroid Prime Hunters, Animal Crossing: Wild World , Tony Hawk's American Sk8land or Mario Kart DS and an internet hotspot or a wireless home router with a high-speed internet broadband connection.

Nintendo Wi-Fi Homebrew

DS Wifi library is a software toolkit for homebrew developers that will let them use the wifi capabilities on the DS in a very similar way to the way computers use a wireless network card. Look at the Nintendo DS Wifi Hardware Reference to see how to use the Nintendo DS as Wi-Fi scanner. Warning: this is some very technical and complicated information.

Nintendo DS Lite and Opera DS Browser

The new, improved Nintendo DS Lite is worth the cost of the upgrade for fans of the original DS portable gaming device. It retains all the qualities that made the DS so much fun, and the bright new screens make a significant difference in the look of the games.

The DS Opera Browser is a fantastic app for your DS Lite. It has received some great reviews and comes in rather handy when out and about and you need to check your web mail. It's also really useful if you are out shopping and are wondering if you can get a better deal on the net - just pop in the nearest hot spot and check it out - for free!

Nintendo Wi-Fi Dial-up Tutorial

This tutorial will help you get connected to Nintendo Wi-Fi with a dial-up connection. At normal dial-up speed (56kb) it will go just about as fast as high speed internet. If you have a really slow dial-up connection or if you're downloading on the internet at the same time you will just see the other characters of the other people you are connected to go slow or bounce and the other people will just see your characters go slow or bounce on their screen.

Take Apart a Nintendo DS (video in Spanish)

You don't need to habla espanol to understand this video.

Steps to Connect a Nintendo DS to a 2Wire HomePortal?



What if I have dialup or don't have a wireless router?

You can go to our hotspots page for some links to seach your state for free WiFi hotspots.
Will I get cancer from the wireless?
Probably not. Read more about it here.

MAX Media Player

Datel Max Media Dock DS and DS Lite can play MP3s directly from your flash card, giving you access to music on the move. It can also stream video footage, and access your JPEGs for a convenient photo viewer. Perhaps best of all, it can launch executable programs stored on the flash drive, giving access to a thriving NDS home brew scene.

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Glossary

Air Station One-Touch Secure System (AOSS)
This feature automatically configures the SSID and WEP key for wireless routers made by Buffalo Technology with this feature with the Nintendo DS. This same feature is used with the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector.

Connection Setting Save File
The Nintendo DS is capable of remembering how to connect to up to three separate wireless networks. Each of these is a 'Connection Setting Save File'.

Friend Code
Your Friend Code is a unique number that is generated by the Nintendo DS for each Nintendo wi-fi compatible game. This code is meant to be exchanged with friends so that you are able to play against each other in Friend mode via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Friends are those people with whom you've exchanged your 'Friend Code' with, either automatically using the Nintendo DS's local multiplayer modes, or by manually entering them in a Nintendo DS game.

Non-partner Hotspot
Public wireless access points that provide connections to the Internet free of charge. In principle, a Nintendo DS can connect to the Internet from such an access point without any special configuration. This is only true if the Non-partner Hotspot doesn't require a user agreement or sign on and password.

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
The official name for Nintendo's online wireless game play service. Manual (pdf).

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection ID
The unique identification number assigned to a specific Nintendo DS when using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. This number can change if connection settings are overwritten.

Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector
The licensed Nintendo accessory that plugs into a USB port on a computer. This allows Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection wireless game play without a wireless router. It can only be used with Windows XP and can't be used to connect computers to a network. Check the Nintendo Store for comparative pricing. Manual (pdf).

partner Hotspot
For the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, a partner Hotspot is a place that Nintendo has contracted with to provide free Internet access to Nintendo DS users.

Pass Phrase
Some routers will allow you to enter a pass phrase into the router which is then converted to a WEP key. The Nintendo DS does not recognize pass phrases, and requires the actual WEP key to be entered when the router has WEP security.

An option on some Wi-Fi compatible DS games which limits the strangers you can play with over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to the same country as you.

Strangers you can play with over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection who have similar statistics to yours.

Strangers you can play with over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection who are located anywhere in the world.

The Beginners Guide To DS Homebrew (pdf)

Nintendo Wii
Sony Playstation Portable WiFi

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