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What are the Sony PlayStation Portable's Wireless Features?

The Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) has embedded Wi-Fi. With selectable infrastructure and ad-hoc mode, you can either create your own mini-network or connect to an existing WLAN to play multiplayer games and get your PSP updates. This can be complicated by encryption requirements, but it is an excellent way to play multiplayer games.

This little device could be a handy WLAN hotspot-detecting device. Not only does it list the WLANs in your area, but it also gives their signal strength in an easy to read and understand percentage format. Currently the PSP only supports WEP encryption. Not good because WEP is extremely broken. At a bare minimum, the PSP should support WPA-PSK.

If you are so inclined (to take your PSP apart), see how to enhance your wifi signal with: PSP Exposed: Taking Apart the PlayStation Portable and Adding an External Wi-Fi Antenna to Your PSP.

How To: Throw A PSP WiFi LAN Party
Troubleshooting - Wireless Ad Hoc Mode
Troubleshooting - Wireless Infrastructure Mode

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